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Automate your logistics operations to improve overall performance

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We provide needed tech for dispatch operators to sync with customers

You no longer need to worry about huge capital costs of building your own application. Simply rent ours for free.

Dispatch Operator

Click the login button below to sign in to the dispatch operator web dashboard.

Dispatch Rider

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Spend nothing to add tech to your operations

Helping logisitics operators improve operational flows and increase sales.

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The number one #logisitics service app

Running a delivery service without mobile or web application to support your business?

We got you! We provide application services for ordering, tracking and payment for delivery services. Look no further.
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So how does it work? Let’s check our Getting Started.

Posted by admin
September 8, 2021
Posted by admin
September 8, 2021

#logisitics management app

Easy setup &

Helping delivery operators reach more customers and improve their operational flows.

Website & Mobile

We serve you with responsive web applications and mobile applications for you and your riders

Main steps

1. Request a free account

Click on this link below to request a free account.

2. A customized web link is generated for you

Following successful sign up, a customized web url will be issued to you which you can use to receive orders and communicate with your prospective customers. The link can be added to your social media pages.

3. Add services and dispatch riders

From your dashboard, you can add a list of delivery services you provide. Also you need to add dispatch riders who will process customers' orders

4. Download the dispatch rider app on the app stores

Next your dispatch riders will need to download the rider applications from the respective app stores.


Zero monthly subscription.

We understand you’ve spent so much on delivery bikes, hiring dispatch riders and branding. Our software platform comes at just ₦0.


₦ 0


Get all these freebies because we are just starting up.

  • Unlimited Requests
  • Unlimited riders
  • CRM tools
  • Issue Management
  • Map features
  • Order Tracking
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* A transaction processing fee of 100 naira is charged per delivery order


₦ X


Coming soon

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* This plan will be made able once we have completed our proof-of-concept

How do I signup?
Simply click this link to request a sign up meeting. One of our customer representatives will contact you directly to sign you up and give you a tour of the application.
How do I receive payments?

At signup, we would be needing your bank account details. Payment for every delivery order goes directly to your bank account.

What are the hidden charges

No hidden charges. Although we charge a commission of 100 naira to cover transaction costs.

What is the extent of support services provided

We are always available to help you 24/7. We understand your success is our success as well.

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The logisitics software that helps dispatch operators manage operational flows and grow faster

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